Friday, April 11, 2014

Giovanni's Pizza

Giovanni's pizza on West Liberty Ave in Dormont is a little place. There are only a few tables so take out would probably be a better option on a weekend.  They make that easy with their online ordering and if you are in the right zip codes, they will even deliver.

Giovanni's has a candy counter inside.  They have some ice cream and it looks like they are set up to make milkshakes, although I didn't inquire about them.  They also make chocolate.  Most of their chocolate is gluten free, unless otherwise specified.  For instance, the chocolate covered pretzels and Oreos are obviously not gluten free, although I have had their gluten free chocolate covered pretzels before - they weren't anything to write home about.  I did enjoy the truffles I've had from here.

The gluten free menu has pasta, pizza and salads that all come with gluten free garlic bread. I ordered a pepperoni pizza.  The gluten free pizzas only come in one size, medium.

The waitress brought out dipping oil with spices on a plate and the gluten free garlic bread.  It looked more like a pita bread and tasted like flat bread with garlic powder and Parmesan cheese on it.  I was pretty sure this is what the pizza crust would be like.

When the pizza arrived, I was right.  The crust was very flat.  It wasn't crispy, but also not soggy.  I would usually describe this kind of pizza crust as a cardboard pizza crust, which is not necessarily a bad thing regardless of how it sounds.  

The sauce was a mild red pizza sauce.  I don't like pizzas with a lot of sauce so I was pleased with the amount on the pizza.  I do like a lot of cheese on my pizza.  I thought there could have been more cheese on it, but it certainly wasn't lacking. 

The pepperoni were small and crispy with a bit of grease sitting on the middle of each circle.  They were spaced relatively well, evenly dispersed around the pie.  Oi really enjoyed the taste of the the pepperoni.

3049 West Liberty Ave

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