Thursday, April 24, 2014



Seviche has a nice atmosphere.  The lighting is dim and cozy.  To the right is a bar, to the left is an open kitchen where you can watch the chefs prepare your food and even sit at the counter, and in the middle are tables. 

There isn't much on the menu that is gluten free, but they make everything fresh and made to order so adjusting their menu to satisfy your dietary needs is not a problem. I love diver scallops and that is precisely what I ordered, but I asked for them gluten free and no red peppers.  

The presentation is nice.  They were evenly spaced on a long rectangle plate.  Each scallop sat on top of a small pile of grits, has a green sauce on top and was separated by wilted spinach.  Each bite was delicious.  The grits were warm and buttery.  The spinach was a wonderful palate cleanser between the saltiness of the scallops and the sour of the green sauce.  I really enjoyed this meal.  Between the grits and the scallops, I felt it was a sufficient portion for a meal, at least for me.

Seviche succeeded at keeping away the gluten from my meal, giving me a wonderful dining experience, and a tasty meal.

930 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh

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