Friday, June 6, 2014

Delallo's Fort Couch Cafe

Delallo's is an intimate Italian restaurant with white table cloths.  To call it a cafe is an understatement.  There are only about 20 tables in the main dining room and in a separate room, a bar with a few more tables.  The menu is quite extensive with fish, chicken, steaks, and pastas in many preparations.  As for gluten free, then menu offers very little unless you want to risk highly modifying the menu.

The steaks are a good option for gluten free diners, as long as you don't chose the option with the breadcrumbs on it.  Looking over the specials, I found soft shells crabs that could be pan sauteed in a lemon cream sauce.  I asked the server to check with the kitchen to make sure it could be gluten & pepper free.  

The soft shell crabs came with a choice of soup or salad, although none of the soups were gluten free.  I didn't feel like risking the dressing, so I got it dry with no croutons.  The first salad came with green pepper and a jalapeno pepper on the salad.  I did mention to the girl earlier that I had a pepper allergy, so I was a little concerned when this arrived.  I sent the salad back.  

I was told that I received an entirely new salad, and I have no reason to believe that it wasn't.  I mean, it's just a salad.

You also get one side.  I got a baked potato.  It might have been the only option for me besides a vegetable and more and more places are mixing red pepper into their vegetable mixes.  The potato came with sour cream and butter packets.  I really prefer the individually wrapped butter packets because I know on one smeared the butter on a piece of bread.  

The baked potato was actually pretty good.  It didn't taste like it was baked yesterday & kept warm for hours.  The skin was actually enjoyable.

Although there isn't many gluten free options, they made an effort to make my gluten free experience pleasant and they didn't get me sick.

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